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Amanda Jackson, National Board Certified
Second Grade Teacher says:
"Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds is an easy to use program that teaches students to read in a fun way. It's teacher friendly and simple to manage. My second graders can't wait to do their daily Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds reading activities."
Amanda Johnson

Janet Acerra, National Board Certified Teacher
Pinellas County Teacher of the Year

"Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds is an amazing, comprehensive program. I am using it with several students in my fifth grade class to strengthen their word attack skills and the progress is incredible!.”

Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds
is a 'sounds first' approach to teaching reading in the classroom. Breaking away from the old drills and rules of traditional phonics instruction, it addresses every issue critical to reading instruction in a way that is fun for the students and easy for teachers to manage.
Phonetics First!- Focus on Sounds
is a classroom, one-on-one and small group program that uses the best scientifically researched methods and the most current brain research to teach reading by utilizing the strengths that children bring to learning. With this program even children with learning disabilities learn to read.
  • Teaching phonemic awareness- segmenting, blending and manipulating sounds in words as we teach the sound to symbol code with manipulatives.

  • Word sorting activities to recognize spelling patterns as well as variation and overlap in the English code.

  • Actively manipulating sounds and letters to build words in a carefully scaffolded sequence of developmentally appropriate and fun activities.

  • Learning to recognize prefixes and suffixes and to chunk words with 6 or more sounds to increase reading fluency.

  • Word reading speed drills and games to increase automaticity and fluency.

  • Writing and spelling activities included throughout the program, as well as repeated reading of word cards, chants, sentences and stories to increase fluency.

  • Explicit practice in using context cues so that students develop skills to learn new vocabulary words independently.

The complete Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds reading kit includes: Four books with classroom and individual assessments, program overview, lesson plans and hundreds of black line masters. Four packages of glossy card stock with hundreds of pages of large letters and words to make easy to use 'sound bags' and colorful labels for 55 sound bags. A sturdy plastic box with flat bottom folders and magnets. The Basic Code Teacher's Manual with cardstock and labels may be purchased as a separate kit for Pre-K through First Grade teachers. Student workbooks sold separately.