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LORRAINE YASLOWITZ, Kindergarten teacher says:
I have been teaching for nine years and have always emphasized phonemic awareness;
but not until the Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds program was it so easy and systematic..”

National Board Certified first grade teacher

"I enjoy using Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds because it is very 'teacher friendly'. I look up the sound I am working on for the week and simply pull the bag out. I have found the program to be very effective, especially with those students who have been having difficulty with hearing the sounds in words. Using this program daily reinforced segmenting and blending with my students as well as encouraging them to use self-correcting methods on their own."

National Board Certified kindergarten teacher

"My students are getting more writing on their papers - more than any class from the past. Their reading scores as of April have increased more than any class I have ever had in the past. I notice students mapping the sounds in their reading. I was hesitant to try this new program at first, but I wanted to learn it. I am glad that I did based on the research and the growth my students have exhibited."

Inclusion kindergarten class.

"Students are engaged from start to finish. They look forward to this time of the day. They feel a great deal of success when they are able to read a word on their own. This program allows for immediate feedback for children.I began the Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds program in October. By December my average dictation score was 22.46. By the end of the year the average dictation score was 34.56. The expectation for kindergarten is a score of 20 by the end of the year. I truly feel that the strength of the scores in January and April were directly tied to the effectiveness of Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds . I watched the children mapping the words as they were writing.   This program, once set up, is very easy to use. I enjoy doing it with the class. It is one activity I very rarely skip during a busy day."


"My children have been so excited about the Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds program that they ask every day when we are going to do it. They enjoy the hands on aspect of writing on their white board as we map and sweep the words. The true testimonial is that when they come to school, the first thing they get out is their white boards to do their words. If they struggle with writing during their journal time, I just remind them to say the word and then try to map it."

National Board Certified teacher and Pinellas County Teacher of the Year

"It's an amazing, comprehensive program. Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds is adaptable to every grade level. I am using it with several students in my fifth grade class to strengthen their word attack skills and the progress is incredible!"

National Board Certified
second grade teacher

"Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds is an easy to use program that teaches students to read in a fun way. It's teacher friendly and simple to manage. My second graders can't wait to do their daily Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds reading activities."

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