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Kindergarten Student
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The complete Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds reading kit includes: Four books with classroom and individual assessments, program overview, lesson plans and hundreds of black line masters. Four packages of glossy card stock with hundreds of pages of large letters and words to make easy to use 'sound bags' and colorful labels for 55 sound bags. A sturdy plastic box with flat bottom folders and magnets. The Basic Code Book with its cardstock and labels may be purchased as a separate kit for preK - 1st. grade teachers. Student workbooks are sold separately.
All of the Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds lessons use fun manipulatives organized into labeled 'sound bags'. These 'sound bags' are easy for the classroom teacher to use with her whole class or for the tutor to use with small groups or one on one instruction. The classroom lessons with large magnetized letters are then reinforced with smaller versions of the letters, bags of words categorized by their sounds for sorting activities, decodable stories and chants, and black line masters. All of the lessons are developmentally appropriate and use the strengths children bring to learning.
Teachers and parents know that reading ability is the key to a student's future. Scientific research proves that good readers are proficient at isolating, manipulating and blending the sounds in words and have mastered the alphabetic code of the English language. These skills do not always develop naturally, are unrelated to intelligence, and 35-40% of children never acquire them on their own. To develop a really good way to teach students to read we need to understand the nature of our language and also the nature of children and how they learn. We need a program to be easy to use because teachers are very busy people. Phonetics First! - Focus on Sounds is this program.

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